The UV varnishes from Altus Coating can be used on many thermoplastic substrates found in packaging. However, tests will be needed to best frame the set of specifications.

  • polyamide – PA
  • polymethyl methacrylate – PMMA
  • polyvinyl chloride – PVC
  • polypropylene – PP
  • acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – ABS
  • polyethylene (high density or low density) – PE (HD or LD)
  • polycarbonate – PC
  • ethylene (meth)acrylic acid – EMAA (Surlyn)
  • polyethylene terephthalate – PET
  • Styrene acrylic methyl methacrylate – NAS 30
  • polymer of cyclohexanedimethanol terephthalatic acid – PCTA


Altus Coating offers specialist products (UV varnishes) for bonding to soda-lime glass. Each time, guide tests need to be performed, given the disparities in the surfaces found with this substrate and with heat treatments. Matted, colored and metallic effects can be achieved using our special products.


Many coating options can be realized, depending on the applicable chemical or mechanical requirements. On aluminum, for example, it is possible to deposit a UV varnish using screen-printing and then to emboss this to provide a relief, whilst retaining perfect varnish adhesion. A similar trial has been performed with a formula that will resist acid attack. The impression will protect the covered metal parts from chemical attack.


Biodegradable materials sourced from maize, miscanthus grass and PLA (polylactic acid) require surface treatments and, in particular, layers forming base coats for adhesion, in order to expand their use in the area of packaging or cards for common uses such as loyalty cards, club membership cards, etc.

These materials derive from the transformation of vegetable matter, and injection-molded surfaces often present surface imperfections requiring elimination. It is with this aim in mind that we recommend coatings we have formulated to smooth out these imperfections.

The alchemy of polymer and material

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