An exacting policy for quality and environmental safety

At Altus Coating, there are no compromises over what it does!

We work with three pillars for good design and production, as an integral part our requirements for satisfying our stakeholders.

In practice, the quality program launched from its R&D Laboratory is simultaneously designed to:
–  Satisfy the customer by placing him at the center of the design program, through implementing an adapted, rapid solution to meet the stated expectations.
– Come up with new ideas for improving products and addressing any dissatisfaction.

More generally, the quality program is also at the heart of the company’s provisions for CSR, and it includes all stakeholders.
Environmental safety is ensured, whether for persons or assets. It is based on daily regulatory monitoring and constant research into improvements, to achieve the least intrusive impact possible.
The vigilance applied in compliance with Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (“REACH”) and Regulation (EC) CLP 1272-2008 is permanently in

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