Optimum mastery of the aspects associated with safety and the environment

Personal safety:

Wearing PPE



Internally-prepared safety data sheets

Safety of assets:

Site monitored by connected remote alarm

Fire extinguishing equipment

IT network protected and with external backup.

The practice of chemical applications in our field requires constant vigilance, for the safety of individuals and of the environment. We pay particular attention to developments in the legislation and to respecting the regulations, based on daily regulatory monitoring.

In harmony with the aims of our quality policy, we look to develop products with ever better performance in protecting the environment and in personal safety, by:

Implementing formulations that better protect the environment

Managing production waste from the site

Providing high-performance personal protective equipment

Managing consumption, and continuously improving environmental performance

Since 2014, we have opted to include a safety advisor (CIFMD) in our team, to advise on transport of hazardous goods

The alchemy of polymer and material

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