An Independent, Family-run Manufacturing Business

The Creator of UV Varnishes

An independent, family-run business established in 2007 in Burgundy-Franche-Comté by Lucien and Éric Pertus, Altus Coating has, from its beginnings, made a decided choice to establish a position for itself with its manufacturing clients and major customers in the worlds of cosmetics and spirits via an agile approach of innovation and cooperation.
Father and son have come together in a surge of creative sharing in the highly specialized field of UV cross-linked polymer chemistry. In addition to their technical and aesthetic performance, these polymers have already offered up the starting conditions for energy savings: Radiation in place of and replacing convection heating.

In a constant search for better performance, Altus Coating is working tirelessly to create UV varnishes, UV lacquers, inks and complementary solutions which provide targeted responses in line with a set of specifications, and environmental solutions.
Its commitment is wholly to offering engineered, specialized, aesthetic and ethical solutions for coating materials, having regard to the exacting labels and standards it has chosen to comply with.

The complexity of each set of technical challenges is handled by a pluri-disciplinary team in its R&D laboratory, the heart of its system. That calls for one or more fundamental collaborations for lasting technical solutions, which are achieved with on-site support and with the engagement of the whole team: Respect, sharing, availability, confidentiality, synergy, trust.

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