UV varnishes

The varnishes developed by Altus Coating are specific and cover a wide range of technical applications.

They are used with a compressed air gun (spray) for cosmetics packaging, and roller-coating or silkscreen coating techniques for solvent-free varnishes in the graphic arts.

For cosmetics applications, the varnish is spray-applied onto pieces placed on a conveyor, and in graphic arts applications the varnish is placed onto a plastic or paper film rotating at variable speed (e.g., 100 rpm)

Sprayed UV finishing varnish with solvents
Used on all substrates, but requires prior drying for the solvent to evaporate before being passed under the UV radiation lamps. Generally, the varnish bonds well to the substrate and remains in place. Sometimes, surface treatments are required to ensure adhesion of the decorative varnish.

Sprayed UV finishing varnish without solvents
Used on all substrates, but in a thin layer to avoid run-out. Its use requires a reliable technique for checking deposition.

Sprayed UV varnish with solvents (base coat) for metallization.

UV inks with 100% dry substance content, used in screen-printing. Coloring on request with metallic and other effects.

Water-based varnish
As the name indicates, these varnishes are used in glass-making with high-temperature curing (150°C), where they are applied using an electrostatic spray gun.

Many solutions exist for decorative varnishes (colors on request, metallic or iridescent pigments, gloss or mat look, or “peachskin” texture).

All surface decors are available on presentation of a sample for matching or with a specific design study. We are still exploring the possibilities for “customized” when it comes to complex surfaces: Get in touch with our R&D laboratory!

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