Our quality program

For Altus Coating, everything is about satisfying the customer by placing him at the center of the design program, through implementing an adapted, rapid solution to meet the stated expectations.
Coming up with new ideas for improving products and addressing any dissatisfaction.

Continuous improvement of our environmental performance through developing products that are ever more high-performing in protecting the environment and personal safety, in implementing our formulations, in managing waste and in exercising control over consumption of resources.

Listening to our employees, by hearing their suggestions for improving performance, for developing their skills, based on internal communication of the results obtained.

Mastery of product quality

The raw materials are received, identified and stored following a check on documentation and using physical-chemical analyses in accordance with procedures set out by the quality department.

Quality checks

Quality checks in the laboratory for all finished products, during production and before packaging. For every one of the products manufactured, we conduct physical-chemical checks in the laboratory as required by the customer’s set of specifications.
This applies to the full manufacturing process. Firstly, and entirely logically, the checks are made on incoming products, using established protocols:
• Verification of documentation of analysis certificates, chemical analysis, chromatography in the gaseous phase.
• Check on outgoing products, based on established studies with specific measures and basic checks potentially for dry substance content, density, hardness, flexibility, shine, adhesion, viscosity, surface tension, cross-linking, impression from heat marking, overprinting using screen-printing inks, etc.  

Traceability from supplier to customer

Every finished product is tracked methodically, identified by batch number. The raw materials used in composition of the formula are recorded for each batch. An exit check on each batch is performed, based on the set of specifications assigned to it.

Procedures are used upstream and downstream to track incoming materials and outgoing products.

Technical management of each customer project, based on the customer’s set of specifications, is tracked in order to respect and apply the relevant quality criteria. Every customer is unique, and we commit ourselves at all times to a program of continuous improvement for customer satisfaction.

The alchemy of polymer and material

The creator of UV varnishes UV, UV lacquers and dyes: Specific, aesthetic, ethical technical solutions to coat materials