A Challenging Program for Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

As embraced by the Altus Coating teams, the “CSR” program is, above all, a challenge for the company.
It is effectively the foundation for a responsibility entered into by individuals forming a collective in the service of and with its stakeholders.
Humility and assessment of impact are always present, at the heart of each decision.
It is action which shapes the direction of travel, and the jcollection of actions which forms the program.
The program is tailored to and on the scale of Altus Coating, but is real and deliberate throughout its ecosystem.

Taking Correlation into Account in all decisions All Decisions

At all times, a choice made exerts influence on another decision, inspires a different attitude, underpins or has an impact. Each of the actions in management, investment or development is not neutral in effect, and needs to be taken into account globally and at all times. Taking an overview, shifting one’s position, and anticipating are the pillars of a sound CSR program.
Thus, for instance, choosing to provide employees needing a car with hybrid or electric vehicles is simultaneously a decision with a clear influence on energy consumption and thus the environment (one of our two guiding principles) and equally a decision which promotes their safety and comfort (the other of our two guiding principles), because these cars are the best available option in that regard.

The recent example of investing in research into an antimicrobial compound similarly illustrates the desire to contribute to reducing the proportion of VOCs that are widely used in aqueous-alcoholic gels, the consumption of which has literally exploded lately.

And the choice to give preference (assuming equal quality and competence) to local solutions, even if they are not the cheapest, similarly enables us to contribute to “living well” in our region.

The Alchemy of Polymer and Material

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