Our Commitment

As the heart of its continuous development program, Altus Coating here reaffirms its responsibilities towards all stakeholders. Anchored at the heart of the world of chemistry, that responsibility finds concrete expression in impact actions initiated from 2016 on.
This development program is taking Altus Coating towards the ISO 26000 standard.
In 2021, Altus Coating is maintaining and pursuing the commitment formally recognized earlier via ISO 14001 certification: The company has signed up to the Responsible Care® charter and is recognized as a platinum medal-winning ECOVADIS  in 2021, bestowed once again in 2022.
Naturally, all its actions are taken under an integrated QSE/CSR management system for all its operations.
Its responsibility is deep-rooted, and at all times further exemplifies its values of respect, trust, innovation and performance. In its area of expertise, Altus Coating adopts a decidedly agile approach for research, for co-design with its ecosystem and for producing innovative, customized solutions.
This vision of “responsible and sustainable excellence” is a challenging choice, in order to best satisfy and serve clients and partners at all times, twhile preserving the environment and contributing to a more balanced world. The various titles and trophies mark a trajectory which has been sustained and strengthened over the years.
Altus Coating is, of course, operating in a changing world, and is in turn contributing to the ambitions of the European Green Deal: “Striving to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent.”

Our Expertise

Detailed knowledge of the chemistry of UV cross-linked polymers and additives used in creating complex varnishes for cosmetics packaging
Capacity for analysis and concept design in technical production for coatings matched to the set of specifications
Integration of the environmental aspect in the thinking behind the assembly of the components comprising the varnish
Technical product support on the industrial tool for subsequent adjustments of the formula produced by the R&D laboratory.
Produits biosourcés - Démarche environnementale engagée

A Committed Environmental Approach

Altus Coating acts on its convictions. These are evaluated and measured by the standards of its daily actions.
In practical terms, from Day 1, the question of the impact on the environment is part of the wide-ranging data generated by production in the specific context of a developing company in the chemistry field.
Accordingly, this commitment has come to bear, right from the start, on production based on UV cross-linked polymers, drastically reducing the consumption of energy.
In 2022, 1/3  of its projects were already aligned with this  “Environmental Approach” charter as described in the section on “bio-sourced products”.

Here, we are describing a complex system in the “systemic” sense, where each decision is assessed in relation to having the least possible impact on nature in the broad sense, while fulfilling its primary mission.
The Altus Coating team therefore closely studies each of the components in a set of problems, before putting forward a customized solution that takes everything into account.
Sometimes, the solution does not lie where the question is, but adjacent to it.