Altus Coating - l'histoire d'une passion familiale au service de l'innovation

Altus Coating, the Story of a Family’s Passion in the Service of your Innovations

An independent, family-run business established in 2007 in Burgundy-Franche-Comté by Lucien and Éric Pertus and named as a “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (“Young Innovative Company”) in 2010, Altus Coating has, from its beginnings, made a decided choice to establish a position for itself with its manufacturing clients and major customers in the worlds of cosmetics and spirits, via an agile approach of innovation and cooperation.
It is with this mindset that Altus Coating creates its solutions, which provide targeted responses in line with a set of specifications and environment-oriented requirements. The complexity of each set of technical challenges is handled by a pluri-disciplinary team in its R&D laboratory.

Altus Coating has developed in 3 stages, staggered over 14 years.
The team currently comprises 14 people, supplemented by a high-performance ecosystem.

A Company with Strong CSR Commitment in its DNA

This DNA simultaneously finds expression in a true passion for creative sharing between a father and his son in the highly specialized field of UV cross-linked polymer chemistry, and in a strong choice in favor of an already-emerging world where energy-savings are already a reality in many sectors of manufacturing industry.

Specialized from its inception in the field of UV-cross-linked polymers, whose technological and aesthetic performance is undeniable, Altus Coating anticipated this by making the required energy savings: With radiation replacing convection, energy consumption has been optimized.

With this perspective in mind, Altus Coating is working tirelessly to create solutions which provide targeted responses in line with an exacting set of specifications to protect the environment more fully.
It is the company’s commitment to offering customized solutions to the highest of requirements, satisfying demanding labels and frames of reference.

The Title as “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (“Young Innovative Company”) Acknowledges an Agile Approach

In the context of its agile approach to innovation, Altus Coating works with each manufacturer and customer to study the adaptation of its varnishes to each of the innovations produced by customers and manufacturers.

The complexity of each set of technical challenges is handled by a pluri-disciplinary team in its R&D laboratory, the heart of its Company.
That calls for one or more fundamental collaborations upstream for lasting technical solutions, which are achieved with on-site support, engaging and involving: respect • sharing • availability • confidentiality • synergy • trust.

In-situ testing carried out at the customer’s premises is an integral part of the company’s quality approach.

How Altus Coating has Developed Over the Years

2007 to 2013: Building

The fiscal year (2012-2013) marks the first target being achieved: Reaching and exceeding EUR 1 million in sales, with a committed staff of five (a doctor in biology, two chemical engineers, and two technicians). Setting up within a business incubator was a rationally-organized approach, satisfying specific functions (laboratory – production – storage). This initial stage in the company’s manufacturing history was geared to a running-up phase tied to a rational design, aligned with its experience in manufacturing, laboratory and production management. Altus Coating thus methodically brought together what it needed to project itself and gear itself up for the future. 2012/2013 production was 109 tonnes.


This was the year of the very first export customer recruited, after having developed its offer in co-design with its first customers in France.


Altus Coating welcomes its first employee working alongside the two founders, and is accredited as a Jeune Entreprise Innovante(Young Innovative Company).

2013 to 2017: Consolidation

As operations expand, the transition to the large-scale manufacturing stage rapidly proves to be inevitable, with growth bringing to Altus Coating the financial means to access investment and to unleash fresh potential. In 2014, it decided to purchase a dedicated site of 5,000m², with 2,200m² of built area located in the commune of Courlaoux, not far from Lons-Le Saulnier, its historic birthplace. The building combines all the functions relevant to the development project and for expansion, if required. A 300m² R&D laboratory is fitted out. The fiscal year 2016-2017 sees sales of EUR 2.9 million, with 300 tonnes of products sold and a staff team of 12.

2016: On the Right Track

Altus Coating commits itself voluntarily – even before being asked to do so by customers – to an improvement and development program that is moving towards CSR. In particular, it commits to pursuing an effective policy for managing manufacturing and office wastes.

2017 : 10 years and an award

The year of its 10th anniversary, Altus Coating was rewarded by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region as the most efficient SMB in its region for export.

2018: Commitment Recognized

ALTUS COATING signs the international “Responsible Care” charter for the first time, supported in France by France Chimie. It is established in over 65 countries, and is a commitment by the biggest chemical manufacturers.And Altus Coating in France is nominated for the Inter-Regional Trophies in 2019. The policy of improving performance finds practical expression in ISO 9001 certification.

2018 to 2020: Enriching the Offer

2018 and 2019 confirm that the company’s offer is well-made, and each fiscal year sees turnover growing, reaching EUR 3.5 million, with 270 tonnes of products supplied. Altus now has close on 200 projects handled for its customers. The impetus given to innovation through products revisited, to satisfy environmental objectives (solvent-free varnishes • formulas geared to bio-sourced resins • water-based varnish) starts to make inroads with customers. Expanding the offering also opens the door to Altus Coating in other industries (graphic arts • flexo printing • heliography, in particular). However, 2020 was to see this trend come to a sudden stop due to the pandemic, with sales falling by 25 % compared with the previous year.

2019: 1st Ecovadis label • Silver Medal

In a logical progression of its development program launched in 2016, Altus Coating receives the Ecovadis silver medal in its category with its very first entry, and is nominated at LUXE PACK In Green in Monaco for its environmental program. In that same year, it achieves “Bonnes Pratiques RSE” certification from the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region for its CSR Best Practices.

2020 : Ecovadis Gold Medal 2020 and CSR Trophy

This new Ecovadis medal is a reflection of the highly sensitive progress made by Altus Coating on CSR. It is also the year when the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region 2020 awards the company its 1st CSR Trophy.

2021: Expansion and Development Program Recognized

2021 clearly validates the decisions and commitments made in earlier years! The recovery is extremely promising, with sales back up 149 %. It confirms the sound orientation of its products, and the renewed success of technical support from the Altus Coating specialists. This period is also marked by the culmination of the efforts agreed by Altus Coating to establish its own regulatory panel, thus positioning itself amongst the best-equipped and most vigilant companies with regard to its environmental commitments (AFAQ ISO 9001 and 14001 • Responsible CARE • Ecovadis Platinum Medal • CSR Trophy Burgundy-Franche Comté • AOE). This development program is taking Altus Coating towards the ISO 26000 standard.

2021: Ever more Innovation

The result of Altus Coating’s R&D efforts to find anti-bacterial, anti-viral hygiene and health and safety solutions will be introduced in preview at Luxe Pack Monaco.

2022 : Awarded by the professional sector of the CSR approach initiated from the outlet

The Luxe Pack In Green Prize “Corporate Social Responsability Approach” was awarded to Altus Coating by a jury of recognized professionals from the professional packaging industry in Monaco, at the Luxe Pack Show held in October 2022.

2022: Year-end renewal of the Platinum EcoVadis Medal

In 2022, its overall score stood at 81% versus 76% in 2021, resulting in a genuine, serious progression, despite even stronger environmental, social, human rights, and ethical criteria. Alongside the most competitive companies in terms of CSR, for the second year in a row,was assessed by EcoVadis which confirmed its position amongst the top one percent worldwide in the professional category.

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