UV Inks

The inks are colored UV curing varnishes

Their particular feature is their elevated viscosity, to adapt to the techniques for industrial application:

  • Screen-printing: passing the ink through a textile screen with open or closed meshes, depending on the motif to be executed (silkscreen printing).
  • Pad printing: This is the transfer from the pad (engraved plate) following impregnation with the ink, onto the object to be decorated.

The inks are formulated in every color. Many technical difficulties may be associated with the coloring (pigments: Finely-ground or metallic particles) or with the soluble dyes of chemical origin. That involves complex formulations, and the coloring materials may strongly modify the UV cross-linking, and hence curing.

Each UV ink, taking account of its coloration, the substrate onto which it is to be applied, requires a specific study that the Altus Coating teams are able to undertake and conduct, for an optimum result. Technical operations for manufacturing preparation ensure perfect homogeneity of the UV ink, for a delicate print that brings out the quality of the decorative finish.

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