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At Altus Coating, the work of design and reflection to offer each of its partners and customers the best of its expertise in innovation is shaped via co-design. Producing a customized solution that satisfies the precise needs of the manufacturer and customer is a challenge taken on every day.

A process of cooperation, for a high-quality result matching expectations

The R&D laboratory at Altus Coating handles all specific requests, to identify and realize the adapted solution. This naturally entails close collaboration with the manufacturer’s  and customer’s teams, including in the area of application and curing techniques. That’s the sole condition for aspiring to a result in line with the quality required. Sometimes, it is necessary to pursue support through to the workshop, which Altus Coating does to be confident of achieving a high degree of satisfaction.
Traceability of deliveries is an integral part of the standards-based commitments given by Altus Coating. Regulatory potential and expertise attest to the climate of confidence offered and invested in each collaboration.

Specific solutions covering many technical applications

The varnishes are used with a compressed air gun (spray) for cosmetics packaging, and roller-coating or silkscreen coating techniques for solvent-free varnishes in the graphic arts. For cosmetics applications, the varnish is spray-applied onto pieces placed on a conveyor, and in graphic arts applications the varnish is placed onto a plastic or paper film rotating at variable speed (e.g., 100 rpm).
Many solutions exist for decorative varnishes (colors on request – metallic or iridescent pigments – gloss or mat look, or “peachskin” texture). All surface decors are available on presentation of a sample for matching or with a specific design study. 

The decoration is not always an end in itself. Varnishing is a technical process which will give the piece or film treated enhanced physical-chemical resistance properties, recorded in a set of specifications which Altus Coating undertakes to respect following agreement on the result obtained. This is development work, handled by its laboratory, which ensures reproducibility of the item supplied over time. Its quality control department will retain a sample of the product supplied, in order to track it and to identify it for a next  replacement.

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