To simplify and safeguard international exchanges with its partners and customers

The status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is granted to the most reliable of EU enterprises. This arrangement allows for simpler exchanges and better safeguarding of flows of merchandise entering or leaving the European Union.
Holding an AEO accreditation simultaneously means benefiting from a label indicating European customs confidence, recognized internationally, and reducing supply delays in a “normal” context of international activity, outside of the pandemic.

Accelerating customs clearance procedures and making imports and exports more fluid

The AEO status awarded in 2021 to Altus Coating therefore validates its reliability criteria:
–  Its prior performance in terms of respecting customs requirements or the applicability of appropriate security and safety standards
– Its financial solvency
– The efficiency of its system for managing commercial records.

This has led to the issuing of “customs simplification” and “security/safety” certificates.
In summary, it reduces customs checks, simplifies customs procedures (clearance, EU single authorizations, etc.)

The alchemy of polymer and material

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