Our technical team for manufacturing guides and adjusts the parameters for the work, aimed at supporting the goal of quality, hygiene and safety.

Production is a process of mixing primary materials following an established order, corresponding at all points to the preparation sequence derived from our laboratory work. This reproducibility is vital in order to obtain optimized performance.

Written procedures are the guiding line for the various stages in production. The temperatures of the mixes are defined, along with the mixing times. All operations are sampled and stored for qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Processing is carried out using filtration capable of levels as low as 5 microns absolute. The equipment used is specialized, to satisfy specific operational criteria.

Our production capacity is dimensioned for large volumes, to cope with urgent and in-quantity needs.


All our raw materials and finished products are stored in temperature-controlled and secure areas. Our computerized stock management helps up to prevent any inopportune break in supply, and our relations with some of our suppliers enables us to realize buffer stores for strategic products for our operations.

The alchemy of polymer and material.

The creator of UV varnishes UV, UV lacquers and dyes: Specific, aesthetic, ethical technical solutions to coat materials