AlSafe® is the result of Altus Coating’s R&D efforts to find anti-bacterial, anti-viral hygiene and health and safety solutions.

It is a clear, colorless antimicrobial component, essential for the non-proliferation of contaminants on surfaces in contact with the hands.

The UV-cured varnish contains special molecules that destroy contaminants over an extended period. This is a key selling point for major clients who are eager to offer hygiene and health safety to their customers, as they see their products being handled all day long (mascara, powder compact, perfume, etc.).

The high technology behind UV-cured varnishes for finishing cosmetic containers, developed by Altus Coating since 2007, based on in-depth knowledge of polymers, was a legitimate reason to plan this R&D endeavor in bio-chemistry in 2020. Today, this allows the company to offer an engineered antimicrobial solution capable of neutralizing bacteria and viruses as soon as the contaminants land on the varnish, without affecting the aesthetic, specialized, or ethical properties of the coated products.

In the current state of research (1), the fact that the active ingredient AlSafe® is directly added into the various varnish formulas developed by Altus Coating assists in its long-lasting effectiveness.

Only excessive wear (2) would affect ingredient activity over time, well beyond the estimated active life displayed on the packaging.

This major innovation in the varnishing industry for objects used in cosmetics and perfumery can also be considered for any object requiring bacterial and viral neutralization! We need more and more protection from our everyday objects.

(1)The tests were carried out on the bacteria E. coli and S. aureus and, for the time being, with the Coronavirus E229, which shows great similarities with the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for Covid-19; tests on the virus causing the Covid-19 disease are prohibited in commercial laboratories.

(2The specifications specific to each object, which vary according to its geometric shape, its use, etc., with varnish application of varying thickness, induce surface wear that is more or less rapid.

A Solution That Cares More for the Environment

The AlSafe® solution would also significantly reduce the use of disinfectant products, which have been proven to play a role in the release of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere. This technology is compatible with the use of bio-sourced varnish.

The active ingredients of AlSafe® do not contain nano-particles. These ingredients satisfy the regulatory requirements and are listed in the Biocidal Products Regulation BPR, REACH. They do not contain SVHCs and are not endocrine disruptors. They are considered Food Contact Substances (FCS) by the Food and Drug Administration (USA). Packaging treated with AlSafe® can follow its normal processing/recycling cycle.

The initial tests of feasibility, compatibility, stability, effectiveness and aging recorded in the laboratory in 2021 are encouraging.
In the context of its agile innovation program, Altus Coating works with each manufacturer and customer to look for ways to adapt this new AlSafe® technology to their own packaging techniques (lamination, flexography, screen-printing) and to various substrates (plastics, metals, glass) with various finishes (gloss, mat, etc.). In-situ testing carried out at the customer’s premises is an integral part of the company’s quality approach.