The creator of UV Varnishes UV, UV Lacquers and Dyes

It is the mission of Altus Coating to promote throughout the world the alchemy of polymer and material, in harmony with a world which tends to equilibrium and to respect for the environment.
Its solutions for UV Varnishes, UV Lacquers and Dyes – which are  technical, specific, aesthetic, and ethical -all ath the same time – materials and ensure  the safe use of the products, along with the safety of those handling them.
In this highly specialized world, Altus Coating is decidedly positioning itself with manufacturers and customers via an agile program for research, for co-design and for production of innovative, customized solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.

A Double Commitment

In a changing world, ALTUS COATING, at the heart of the world of chemistry, universe, affirms its responsibility  affirms its responsibility towards all its stakeholders, thanks to a policy of corporate and environmental responsibility, working in combination with the innovation guiding the company’s ongoing development program.
This vision of “responsible and sustainable excellence” is a choice requiring us to best satisfy and serve clients and partners at all times, while protecting the environment and contributing to a more balanced world.
The various titles and trophies mark a trajectory which has been sustained and strengthened over the years.

The Alchemy of Polymer and Material

The Creator of UV Varnishes UV, UV Lacquers and Dyes: Specific, Aesthetic, Ethical, Technical Solutions to Coat Materials