The constant finding that there was no single or “ready-made” solution lead Altus Coating to implement applied research. This satisfies a single goal: To develop the technical solution adapted to the customer request on two levels:

Product and Set of Specifications
Manufacturing Application and Adaptation to the Manufacturing Tool

This method draws on the Altus Coating expertise, on its bibliographic knowledge of materials, on the relationships developed with its suppliers, and on practice supported by laboratory methods.

Its R&E technical team guides and adjusts the parameters for the work, aimed at supporting the goal of time-limited applied research towards a specific result.

The suitability of the formula arrived at for its manufacturing application is a priority to which
Altus Coating is committed from the moment its customer expresses its wishes.
The technologies for application and for UV curing in 3D or on flat surfaces are inseparable in optimizing a result.

The techniques for curing using UV radiation, from an arc-lamp or microwave source, are challenging and require adjustments that are vital to the correct function of a formula involving cross-linking based on the breaking of chemical bonds.

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