Altus Coating initiated its certification and labeling initiative in 2016, as part of its CSR program

Specialized from its inception in the field of UV cross-linked polymers, whose technological and aesthetic performance is undeniable, Altus Coating anticipated the required energy savings: Convection was replaced with radiation.
In 2010, Altus Coating was awarded the title of “Jeune Entreprise innovante” (“Young Innovative Enterprise”).

In pursuance of this progress program, Altus Coating has held lSO 9001 certification since 2016 and ISO14001 since 2021. In 2018, Altus Coating launched a CSR program based on the ISO 26000 standard in partnership with Afnor, with its 1st E-CSR certification initiated. This subsequently enabled the company tom win an Ecovadis silver medal, followed by a gold medal in 2020 and a platinum medal in 2021 and 2022, this being the global standard for CRS evaluations.

A signatory to the international “Responsible Care” charter established in over 65 countries, and supported in France byFrance Chimie which has been binding on the company since 2018, Altus Coating seeks tirelessly to improve its performance.

In 2021 Altus Coating achieved AEO status, validating its reliability criteria and also conferring on it a label of European customs confidence that is recognized internationally.

The alchemy of polymer and material

The creator of UV varnishes UV, UV lacquers and dyes: Specific, aesthetic, ethical technical solutions to coat materials