63% of its business is still for French manufacturers and customers.

As a business rooted at the heart of a manufacturing region servicing major customers from the start, Altus Coating leverages its French expertise, and the sales it achieved in France in 2022 is a clear reflection of that.

Europe (excluding France) already accounts for 29% of its sales in 2022.

Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany and Italy are the countries which already have valued the expertise of Altus Coating over many years.

The rest of the world is a strong growth region, accounting for 8 % of its business in 2022.

Here, mention should be made of the USA and of South America: Borders are no boundary to Altus Coating’s operations, and its new solutions launched in 2022 will enable it to grow this part of its sales, via major exports.

The Alchemy of Polymer and Material

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