One Vision, Multiple Values


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Altus Coating.
The company’s aim is to ensure implementation of its commitments, by operating responsibly to improve its economic, social, and environmental performance.

The image on the left shows a part of the beehives accommodated on the Courlaoux site. The bees that produce the “Altus Coating” honey are a particularly good illustration of the values shared by the team.

These values are not simply good words and intentions, they find expression in daily action:

  • Enabling everyone to work in safe and optimized conditions. Giving everyone the means to progress.
  • Mastering the environmental impact of its sites by limiting rejects and consumption of natural resources, and optimizing waste management.
  • Approaching any development project by proposing safe solutions which respect the environment.
  • Being vigilant in our procurement, in order to encourage practices that respect human rights.
  • Being known as an important local actor for our approach and results.

The Alchemy of Polymer and Material

The creator of UV Varnishes UV, UV Lacquers and Dyes: Specific, Aesthetic, Ethical, Technical Solutions to Coat Materials